Ghost Controls

Ghost Controls is a Tallahassee startup that provides solutions for residential and agricultural gate automation. The company has been working with FMI Printing and Distribution for much of its labeling and printing needs since its founding in 2015. The founders of Ghost Controls had previously worked with FMI through other business ventures and continued their relationship based on the quality service and reliability they had previously received.

As a manufacturer and vendor of do-it-yourself powered-gate kits, Ghost Controls puts much of its focus on inventory management, quality assurance, safety and security. FMI is able to support Ghost Controls in these areas by providing a variety of labels for both the packaging and the product itself.

FMI provides permanent, UV-resistant safety labels for the gates openers that are compliant with industry safety standards. FMI also provides warning labels for anyone near the gates during operation, warning them to stay clear of and keep obstructions from the area around the gate.

In addition to safety labels, FMI supplies a set of serialized labels with 2D barcodes for the product’s packaging. The codes transmit information to help manage inventory and track the flow of the product all the way to the customer. These labels also help Ghost Controls track the product in the event it is shipped back to the company.

Ghost Controls saves on labeling costs by ordering rolls of labels in quantities of up to 5,000 at a time and simply contacts their FMI representative when they are running low.

FMI also provides several other essential printed materials. This includes user guides and installation manuals for the end user, as well as point-of-purchase materials, such as promotional items, brochures and in-store marketing materials.

Keith Williamson, the vice president of marketing and product management, says one of the ways FMI is most valuable to their business is in finding solutions for the company’s printing needs. For instance, when Ghost Controls was having trouble finding the right marketing materials for their dealers’ retail locations, FMI suggested and ultimately supplied high-quality laminated signage that helps consumers find the right solution for their situation and plan their own automated gate installation.

“FMI treats us like a true partner,” Williamson says. “Their printing services help guide us to operate as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.”

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