Capital City Bank

Capital City Bank is Tallahassee’s oldest and largest community bank. With a nearly 125-year history of serving Tallahassee residents and businesses, today the bank serves more than 100,000 customers at 61 locations throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama. It’s a subsidiary of Capital City Bank Group, one of the largest publicly traded financial holding companies headquartered in Florida, with more than $2.7 billion in assets.

Despite recent, industry-wide transitions to electronic banking, banks still rely heavily on paper. For more than 30 years, FMI has provided Capital City Bank with much of its document and form needs, including the company’s letterhead, withdrawal and deposit slips and ATM receipts. For Capital City Bank, having dozens of locations means the company faces the task of getting each office’s printing needs fulfilled and delivered quickly.

Team members from each individual Capital City Bank office have the flexibility to order documents and forms as needed. FMI’s online inventory management system allows office-level employees to order the appropriate supplies, while the corporate team can monitor usage and set thresholds for orders.

FMI’s print-on-demand, warehouse and distribution services ensure that each Capital City Bank office receives much-needed paper materials quickly and conveniently, while eliminating the need for managing internal storage space and inventory processes – saving space and money.

FMI also assists Capital City Bank in its marketing efforts by helping with promotional items used to reach both internal and external stakeholders. These items, branded “Star Stuff,” include cups, hats, portable fans and other items bearing Capital City Bank’s star-shaped logo. Thousands of items are given to personal and business banking clients, bank employees and community members every year to promote the Capital City Bank brand.

FMI’s warehousing and delivery services helps the marketing team by eliminating the need to provide the valuable storage space and time it takes to store and ship materials to individual offices.

Brooke Hallock is Capital City Bank’s Chief Brand Officer and has been with the company since 2004. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the bank’s marketing efforts and works closely with FMI.

Capital City Bank Cookies

“The FMI team is very responsive to our needs,” Hallock says. “Their work frees up our marketing staff to do what is most important for the bank, letting FMI be the heavy lifter for our office and promotional needs.”

FMI recently helped Capital City Bank execute an idea that garnered a lot of attention at Tallahassee’s 2017 Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference. The bank wanted to welcome their clients to the conference by providing chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies with Capital City Bank’s star logo and a note. The treats were waiting in the rooms when the guests arrived.

Hallock says the cookies were a huge hit and were recognized as one of the best promotional items at the conference.

“FMI provides great client service to us,” Hallock says. “I would absolutely recommend them to other businesses as they have been a valued and trusted partner for decades. FMI has proven to be a valuable resource for Capital City Bank in meeting our printing needs, and they have demonstrated the ability grow with Capital City Bank as we grow.”

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