Leon County Sheriff’s Office

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) serves as the chief law enforcement agency in the north Florida county that includes the city of Tallahassee, Florida State University, Florida A&M University and the state Capitol. Its 285,000 full-time residents are joined annually by more than 60,000 college students and thousands related to the annual legislative session and associated activities.

With more than 750 employees, including more than 500 deputies, LCSO is responsible for operations that include investigating crime scenes, operating the county jail and general uniform patrol. Dealing with the paperwork related to this volume of law-enforcement activity can be overwhelming, as the agency utilizes forms to document nearly every action that occurs. Being stocked with the right forms, and receiving quick delivery when inventory runs low, is crucial for the sheriff’s office to run efficiently.

LSCO depends on FMI Business and Distribution to manage the printing, inventory and delivery of nearly all forms and custom documents the agency uses on a routine basis. This includes general forms and documents, as well as the department’s letterhead, custom envelopes, evidence labels, sworn affidavit forms and warning labels.

When LCSO needs a new form, a contact person within one of the agency’s departments contacts an FMI representative to address the department’s need and begin the design process. FMI then works with the sheriff’s office to make the necessary adjustments until the form is finalized. The forms are then available for the sheriff’s office to order through their own online storefront, as needed.

Brandy Kimbler is the LSCO procurement manager and serves as the head of purchasing. Kimbler is in charge of ordering forms and supplies and says the online inventory management system is especially useful. It allows several key people within the agency to quickly and easily order forms on demand.

Kimbler says that FMI representatives are always available whenever the agency is in need of assistance for printing and inventory management. She touts the rush service offered by FMI and says that their team is always able to produce the documents the sheriff’s office needs in a timely manner.

“I would absolutely recommend FMI’s services to other law enforcement agencies and businesses,” Kimbler said. “The FMI team is very friendly and pleasant to work with. They offer affordable pricing, quick delivery and work to learn about our needs, inside and out.”

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