4 Advantages of LaserBand2 Advanced Patient Wristbands

Patient ID wristbands are crucial in the health care industry. These simple, yet extremely important identification tools are essential for correctly identifying patients, providing staff members with quick access to medical records and alerting staff to patient conditions such as allergies or fall risks.

While serving the same basic purpose, not all patient wristbands are created equal. Zebra Technologies’ LaserBand2 wristbands are a premium alternative to nearly any other patient wristband. They include enhanced features and are optimized for staff efficiency and patient comfort.

Here are four reasons for choosing LaserBand2 wristbands for your medical practice or health care facility.

Durable and Secure

The durability of patient wristbands can be a cause for concern as paper wristbands easily tear, and moisture, such as sweat or sanitizer, can cause exposed ink to smear. Continually reprinting and replacing damaged patient wristbands is inefficient and costly. LaserBand2 wristbands include a self-laminating seal designed to protect the wristband from tearing and preserve vital patient information printed on it. LaserBand2 wristbands also include a tamper-evident adhesive closure to alert staff if a wristband has already been removed or could have been exchanged.

Streamline Admission Process

LaserBand2 wristbands help to streamline the patient admission process by combining both the wristband and patient chart labels onto one form for simultaneous printing. This also keeps patient records better organized, as well as avoids costly and potentially dangerous charting and patient record errors. Additionally, the wristband and chart labels print on standard laser paper, so no special setup or additional printer accessories are needed.

Maximize Patient Care

Accessing patient data is quick and simple on LaserBand2 wristbands. The wristbands are designed to remain flat while worn, so patient information is always readable and barcodes can be easily scanned. LaserBand2 wristbands also come in a range of colors for organizational purposes, and additional labels are available to notify staff of special precautions such as allergies, fall risks and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders.

Prioritize Patient Comfort

Uncomfortable wristbands are at risk of being removed by patients, which is why LaserBand2 wristbands are designed with patient comfort in mind. Offered in adult, pediatric and infant sizes, the wristbands further expand to fit a variety of wrist sizes. They are latex free and made with softer, less rigid material to keep patients comfortable, especially seniors or those with sensitive skin. Additionally, LaserBand’s ComfyCuff add-on for infant wristbands is protected with an antimicrobial treatment and includes a soft, foam cuff to help protect an infant’s delicate skin.

FMI Printing & Distribution is a Platinum Dealer of LaserBand2 products, and we’ll also help you manage inventory and delivery of your patient wristbands and other medical forms, allowing you and your team to focus on patient care. If you’re in need of premium patient wristbands for your medical practice or health care facility, please give us a call at (850) 576-0171.

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