Notary Public Underwriters

Notary Public Underwriters, one of the largest producers of notary stamps and embossing products in the Southeastern United States, has been utilizing the printing and inventory services of Forms Management Inc. (FMI) for more than 20 years.

Providing everything a new and existing notary needs to fulfill their duties, Notary Public Underwriters offers customers notary insurance, notary stamps, seals and record books.

In addition, the company is responsible for sending out 30,000 to 40,000 direct mail pieces a month. That’s where FMI’s services come in. FMI works with Notary Public Underwriters to ensure they have the necessary forms and envelopes printed and adequately stocked to effectively communicate with customers.

Yolonda Cave, a project manager at Notary Public Underwriters, said they would be unable to provide the required correspondences to new and existing notaries without the support they receive from FMI.

“Before we started working with FMI, a lot of time and energy had to go into keeping our eyes on the process and making sure we had the correct documents and enough inventory,” Cave said. “But now with FMI, I really don’t have to worry about it. It’s a tedious process ensuring that we have the right forms that we need, but it’s one that Brian (Haley) and everybody at FMI does a fantastic job managing.”

Though FMI assists Notary Public Underwriters primarily with printing and inventory management, they have also provided other necessary materials required for business operations.

“We’ve gotten office supplies from them as well—toner and regular copy paper—you name it,” Cave said. “When they have new products, Brian will let us know which will work best for us. He’s always looking for ways to save us money because he’s genuinely looking out for what’s best for our company.”

Cave said that the excellent and affordable printing and inventory services FMI offers is complemented by the exceptional customer service that they also provide the companies they work with.

“It’s about the relationship we’ve developed with Brian and the rest of the staff at FMI,” Cave said. “When other people reach out offering services, the question becomes, ‘Can you give us that kind of relationship that we’ve come to trust with FMI?’ Not to mention the good prices. You just can’t find that everywhere.”

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